More to the Anastasia Story Revealed

[Moscow] For decades the well-known story of Anastasia, daughter of Nicholas the second, has been a mystery to historians. The rest of the family was murdered, but decades later when the bones were dug up, it was discovered that the bones of Anastasia and her brother were missing, which is what first sparked interest in the story and made it famous around the world. Several people had claimed to be Anastasia, some more convincingly than others – knowing things that only Anastasia could have known. Recently, the case was declared closed when a second grave-site was found, with two bodies confirmed by DNA to be the two missing children. However, many were not satisfied with this explanation. It has never been known how the woman known as Anna Anderson, proven by many to not be related to the family at all, could have so successfully charaded as her for as long as she did.

But last week, the famous Oracle from Canada took an interest in the case, and discovered the exact details of the event. Not only did he uncover the way in which the two children got separated from their parents – a harrowing few minutes involving bullets bouncing off of jewelery and a brother pulling his sister out of the line of fire and past several guards before being killed themselves – but also the secret that has eluded all those interested in the story before now: that the spirit of Anastasia actually then left her body and eventually possessed and guided Anna Anderson. This has explained so many inconsistencies and given a lot of needed closure to the histories. Many thanks to the Oracle from the people of Russia.

- Mikhail Petrovich Svatkowski, Moscow Minutes



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